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CUVILib is a Computer Vision and Image Processing functions library that aims at bringing the parallel processing power of GPUs to applications that can benefit from parallel computing the most. The initial set of functions available with the library augment the existing functionality through Nvidia Performance Primitives (NPP) library in order to bring maximum functional coverage to users interested in GPU based acceleration.

CUVI Lib in action

Plug and play acceleration. 10X and more
The beauty of CUVI is in the time and (minimal) effort it takes to achieve acceleration on time-critical applications. We encourage you to test it out yourself to experience the value it adds in terms of speed. Our GPU experts are always an email away from assisting you to set up and use CUVI. We have put man-months in documenting every aspect of CUVI to make it easy to use for the novice of users and this is where our real strength lies.

It's as simple as one-two-three
If you have to reverse engineer a library and rebuild it yourself in order to use it then there's no point in using it in the first place. This is one of the primary motivating factors behind building CUVI: Make it really simple to use which increases programmer productivity and helps you focus on the application. We spent man-months writing and optimizing the code and roll out updates, trainings and developer sessions regularly to make sure you make the best use of CUVI. Read the Getting Started Guide after you download CUVI to accelerate your Image Processing application.

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